Chris Wright - McManus Pub

The McManus Pub Company, a group of pubs and bars in Northampton, has minimised waste, improved quality and increased profit since introducing a range of McCain products across the business.

Different products were being used across different areas of the business, making it difficult to meet consistent standards, minimise waste and maximise profits.

Introduce McCain Signatures Gastro Chunky Chips, Skin On Fries, Staycrisp Fries, Sweet Potato Fries, Original Choice Thick Cut Chips, Chef Solutions Jackets and Roasts, as well as Chef Solutions Mash and Dice.

Introducing a range of McCain products has made a significant impact on The McManus Pub Company business, enabling Finance Director Chris Wright to minimise waste and improve the quality and presentation of the chips served across the business. This, along with greater ability to manage portion control has meant that profits have also increased.