Golden Jubilee National Hospital Testimonial

With large volumes of meals to deliver, Wesley Baxter, Catering team leader, Golden Jubilee National Hospital, Clydebank, is always looking for ways to improve the quality and consistency of the food he serves, particularly those that appear on the menu every day, such as potato products.


Having trialled the McCain product range, Wesley feels he has a solution: “You know what you’re going to get with McCain, great quality products that taste good, present well on the plate and perform consistently, day after day, which is vital when you’re feeding large numbers. I really can’t praise them highly enough.


“We trialled a number of products but Original Choice Chips were a particular highlight. There’s no comparison to other products on the market, I can’t see how they could be bettered. Good chips need to have a crisp outer texture, soft fluffy interior and an appetising, golden colour, and Original Choice meet that criteria. 


“Original Choice Roasts are another high-quality product – the texture, colour and taste are spot on, whether oven-cooked or deep-fried. We also tried Chef Solutions Simply Mash, and I’m a big fan but I don’t think you can beat mash made from scratch. We’re lucky enough to have the staffing levels to manage the preparation process, but if you don’t then Chef Solutions Simply Mash is definitely the next best thing. Nothing else we’ve tried comes close.”


“Potato is a key menu item for us – it’s on the menu every day and we serve large volumes in a number of different ways. The McCain Original Choice range is consistently good, whether you’re serving a classic favourite, such as chips, or something like Savoury Herb Dice to add a bit of variety to the menu. Having carried out the trial, we would be happy to serve McCain products on the menu on a longer term basis.”


For more information on food service in hospitals and free-from solutions, watch our video with Steve Walpole on how to cater for dietary requirements whilst using free-from products.