Hot chips back on the menu in South Yorkshire

Kendray, Kerrisforth and Mount Vernon hospitals previously experienced difficulties with the taste, appearance and temperature of their chips but since they started using McCain Classics Chips they have been rewarded with cleaner plates and positive comments from patients, staff and visitors. While the hospitals all have their own specialism’s and cater for patients with a wide range of needs, one thing is consistent across all of them - the chips are proving universally popular.


Julie Pickering, Catering Manager for the group of hospitals, said: 

“We serve up to 300 meals a day across the three hospitals so the consistency and quality of McCain Classics chips shines through compared with other brands. They are good value for money, look really appetising, taste good and, crucially, they stay hotter for longer. “We have experienced issues with our chips in the past but we now get lots of positive comments, which is great, and as the patients are enjoying their food more, there is less waste and chips are never left. Waste levels can be a real benchmark for success and there is no longer any food coming back to the kitchens so we know we’re doing something right!”