How McCain Menu Signatures Roasts Can Help You In The Kitchen

We Brits can’t resist a good roast dinner; alongside Shakespeare, The Royal Family and The Beatles, the traditional roast dinner is one of the great things we love about our country. As one of the most popular meals we prepare at home, it’s no great surprise that the roast dinner is also a meal that’s in high demand out of home as well. Nowadays, pubs, hotels and restaurants are all expected to offer options that match up to much loved homemade versions, and for operators providing roast dinners, there’s one ingredient that can’t be forgotten; the roast potato.

From experience, we know that consumers have their own ideas about what makes the perfect roast potato; the size, shape and preparation are all important matters to consider. Catering operators have traditionally used fresh potatoes to ensure the roasts they serve meet these high and varied expectations. Whilst preparing roast potatoes from scratch undoubtedly produces great results, caterers might want to consider another option; McCain Menu Signatures Roasts. Our roasts have the quality, consistency and great taste of fresh roast potatoes, but with some added benefits. To see the areas where Menu Signatures Roasts can offer catering operators an advantage, we looked at the four elements we think are most important to serving the perfect roast potato.


To ensure they’re providing the best roasts, many operators may find themselves sifting through their produce to select only the best fresh potatoes. On top of this, seasonal variations in crops can sometimes mean the potatoes delivered to caterers are not always of a consistent quality, meaning some of the produce delivered may have to be thrown away. This, and the need to peel fresh potatoes thoroughly, can raise the potential for potato wastage, and if food is wasted, money is wasted. Coming prepared, pre-peeled, and of a consistent and thoroughly checked quality, with Menu Signatures Roasts, catering operators needn’t worry about producing waste.

Preparation Time

Fresh potatoes need to be washed, peeled, chopped and parboiled before they can be cooked; this might not sound a huge task, but when making a large amount of roasts from scratch, this preparation time all adds up. This is especially true for locations with limited staff, who may have to dedicate a large part of their day towards potato preparation. Menu Signatures Roasts are a great alternative for operators wanting to reduce preparation time. Arriving frozen, peeled, chopped and blanched, our roasts can be placed straight into a hot oven, meaning kitchen staff can carry on with other important kitchen and preparation duties.

Cooking Time

We learned that for many locations serving roast potatoes made from scratch, cooking time can be an issue. Our research shows that the average time to cook a roast potato from ware is around 2 hours 18 minutes; this is therefore a big chunk of time when other kitchen tasks need to be completed. However, Menu Signatures Roasts are ready in less than 30 minutes representing a significant time saving. This time saving can help to free up staff to concentrate on other important tasks. The shorter cooking time of Menu Signatures Roasts can also allow operators to cook an increased quantity of potatoes over a set period, meaning you can serve premium roasts at a consistent rate to a large number of customers.


We know that it’s hard to beat the taste and quality of a roast potato made from scratch. However, when presented with Menu Signatures Roasts and roasts made from fresh potatoes, consumers were unable to tell the difference. Menu Signatures Roasts were rated highly by customers on colour, shape, crispiness and consistency, ranking above similar frozen roasts on the market, showing that our roasts don’t sacrifice taste for savings on time and waste. This is perhaps because Menu Signatures roasts can be seasoned in a chef’s bespoke style, meaning they are as versatile as scratch cooking with regard to the way they can be served Sneaton Castle called them “the best [frozen roasts] I’ve tasted”, whilst The Victoria Pub said they were a “very good quality product” that their customers had complimented. Overall, the operators we surveyed were very impressed with Menu Signatures roasts, rating them significantly superior to other frozen competitors.

Made with 100% quality potato, then simply peeled, chopped, blanched and frozen, Menu Signatures Roasts enable operators to serve personalised and home-style roasts in less than 30 minutes. Pre-prepared and frozen, when you buy Menu Signatures roasts you’ll be guaranteed quality and consistency. So, for consumer approved roast potatoes that can save you valuable time on preparation and cooking, why not give us a try and call 0800 146 573.