Sweet Launch for Potatoes

McCain Foods has added Sweet Potato Fries to its extensive range of products aimed at the foodservice trade.

The launch of McCain Sweet Potato Fries capitalises on a growing requirement for operators to add sides and accompaniments to their menus.  A new McCain Foods report shows that around £400m could be generated by pubs by simple extensions to their menus in this area.

 McCain Sweet Potato Fries allows operators to expand their menu choices, generating incremental income for their outlets with a well-known but underutilised ingredient.

Sweet Potato Fries offer the ideal accompaniment to a wide range of classic premium dishes, including steak, lamb, ribs, burgers etc and can provide an instant USP to set a venue apart from its rivals.  Because Sweet Potato Fries are pre-prepared and frozen, there is little wastage and limited labour is required, ensuring that it is a low risk option for operators.

Ensuring that customers enjoy chips is very important for operators, with some 85% of consumers saying they would not return to a venue which served bad chips.  McCain Sweet Potato Fries more than meet consumer expectations, providing an excellent chip which is tasty and is also sure to have customers coming back for more.

Mike Driver, Head of Marketing for McCain Foods, says: “McCain Sweet Potato Fries are a terrific product, which taste great and will not only give the operator the chance to make some incremental income, but will also ensure happy customers. “Around a quarter of consumers have not tried sweet potato but have indicated that they would like to but are not sure how to prepare it, so what better place to try them than in an environment, such as a pub or restaurant, where they can be confident of the quality and taste.”

McCain Sweet Potato Fries cook in around 2.5 minutes and are available in 4 x 2.5kg cases from all leading wholesalers.