How are potatoes served across the world

Looking for new international recipes for your menu? From China to Canada and Mexico to Morocco see how tasty potato recipes are served around the world. Simply click on your destination of choice to view or download the recipe. Courtesy of your favourite food manufacturer.


Black Pudding and Poached Egg served with Original Choice Rosti

Salty bacon lardons, rich black pudding pieces and silky smooth poached eggs served on crispy McCain’s potato rosti is a winner every time.


Rosti Croque Monsieur with Original Choice Rosti

A great way to enjoy this French classic that combines thinly sliced baked ham with slices of melted tangy Swiss cheese sandwiched between two McCain rosti’s.


One Pot Meal Lamb Keema and Potato Curry

The McCain Chef Solutions Simply Roasts used in this dish soak up the spice and flavour of this infamous Indian curry.


One Pot Meal Moussaka

A traditional Greek dish made more wholesome with McCain's Chef Solutions Simply Potato Dice creates a simple but satisfying meal.


One Pot Meal Sicilian Fish Pie

A firm favourite, this hearty one pot wonder has chunks of fish, tomatoes and leeks topped with McCain Chef Solutions Simply Wedges.


One Pot Meal Tangy Moroccan Turkey Tagine

Enjoy the flavours of Morocco with this simple, easy to make Tagine using the McCain Our Chef Solutions Simply Dice which soak up the spices and taste divine.


Nacho Wedges

A treat for anyone with McCain’s 5% fat wedges, dollops of sour cream and salsa with cheese and a sprinkling of hot jalapeno peppers.


New Yorker Fries

In this effortless classic, the hot mustard cuts through the spicy Pastrami, tangy gherkins and McCain’s fluffy thick cut chips producing an explosion of different flavours.


Poutine Chips

The Canadian favourite, Poutine chips, otherwise known as ‘posh chips’, combines squeaky cheese curds with rich salty gravy, poured over McCain’s chunky chips to make a delicious side serving or snack.


Stir Fries

A Classic with a twist, McCain’s thin cut chips provide a great alternative to noodles and can be enhanced with different vegetables and seasoning.