Medium Cut 7/16

A popular crisp and tasty chip made with quality potatoes that works well with a range of menu items, ensuring customers keep coming back for more.

Extra Potato Taste For Customers

This thicker cut fry has more potato flavour for a filling eat to please customers


Crispy, golden fries that go well with a range of menu items keeping your customers coming back for more

Make More Profit

Longer fries deliver more portions per bag so you can serve more portions from each bag: they will still look generous but will weigh less


Quick and easy to cook, great tasting product you can rely on

Halal & Kosher Certified

For best results cook from frozen.

Deep Fry
Place your McCain Medium Chips in the hot oil.
Fry until crisp and light golden using the cooking guidelines shown.
Drain and serve.

Deep Fry From Frozen Deep Fry From Chiled
Temperature 175°C/350°F 175°C/350°F
Time 2 – 3 minutes 1 1/2 – 2 1/2 minutes

Do not overcook.
Cooking directions based on 500g of product.
For different quantities adjust cooking time accordingly.
If thawed do not refreeze.

Case Configuration:
4 x 2.5kg

Sunflower Oil

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