Convenience is key
We understand that businesses face a variety of challenges, from encouraging repeat custom to adding more choice to their menus. Knowing that cost and time are two main obstacles for any chef, we offer assured quality in our prepared potato products – minimising prep time and wastage in the kitchen, and delivering satisfaction on the plate.

Simple ingredients, simple products
As a responsible food manufacturer, we want to ensure that everyone can enjoy McCain products as part of a healthy, balanced diet. All of our products are simply prepared from quality ingredients.

Investing in product reformulation ensures our products meet consumers growing demand for nutritious food that tastes great. Over the past 15 years, we’ve significantly reduced salt and saturated fat across our product portfolio, and we continue our commitment in this area.

Leading the way in product innovation

Our in-depth customer research enables us to develop products that meet consumer demand for increased choice, whilst also meeting specific catering needs.

We also work closely with outlets to encourage best-practice cooking techniques, including reducing the fat content of fried products through temperature control and the use of healthier oils.

Food for Life Catering Mark Supplier Scheme
As further evidence of our commitment to customers, McCain Foods is now a member of the Food for Life Catering Mark Supplier Scheme, which means we can help service providers seeking Food for Life accreditation whilst maintaining efficient kitchen management.
All products in our ‘Simply’ range carry the mark- they have no added oil and are simply peeled, cut, blanched in water and quick-frozen.