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Hear about their most important moments and how they are working with McCain to go all out on quality and make every moment mean so much more.

Nanny Bills

Watch how Nanny Bills have managed to grow their business over lockdown and have just moved into their first bricks and mortar premises in BoxPark, Wembley. As a key supplier we talked to them about their defining moments and plans for the future.

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Famous Aggy Fries

Nanny Bill’s famous Aggy fries have been making deliveries memorable for all the right reasons. The SureCrisp™ batter keeps the herby seasoned fries crispy even after they have been drizzled with garlic and herb sauce and topped with parmesan sprinkled with spring onions.

Lasagne Burger

Nanny Bill’s lasagne burger was a moment of triumph when it was added to the menu. Consisting of McCain Pickers Mozzarella Sticks, double smashed patty and American cheese, finished with a dollop of organic tomato marinara sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan. Served with McCain SureCrisp™ fries for the ultimate burger meal.

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