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Together let's

Make it happen

It’s where the magic happens! But it’s never been more important for kitchens to work smarter with fewer staff and more demanding environments. Small simple tweaks can yield big results in terms of profits and customer satisfaction. Through years of experience, working with some of the slickest kitchens, our best practice guides can help you cut out the guesswork and cut down the prep work, so you can get on with the important stuff.

Together let’s get pro with delivery

Now is the time to become a delivery pro and do it well. We’ve teamed up with Egg Soldiers Food Consultants who have worked with many UK restaurant chains. Our combined product and operational knowledge will give you the insight and information you need to get pro with delivery.

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Together let's save time on sides

We understand that cost and time are two obstacles for any chef. We offer assured quality in our prepared products – minimising prep time and wastage in the kitchen while delivering satisfaction on the plate. Read our guide to sides with quick cook times on each of our products.

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Together let's serve up the right portion

Controlling portion sizes is important for managing customer expectations as well as keeping your restaurants’ profits and margins in check. Our portion guide will help you keep track of how much you’re using while reducing food waste and satisfying your hungry customers.

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Together let's freeze for the future

It’s important that kitchen staff are using their commercial freezers to their optimum abilities, as they’re one of the most important appliances used in a professional kitchen. We’ve put together the ultimate freezer storage hacks to make sure you’re getting the most out of your freezer storage.

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Together let’s cook the perfect chip

Chips are the most stolen item from the plate and often the first experience of the meal, so it’s vital you get them right. Watch our quick video with top tips on how to cook your chips to perfection. You can also download the guide and share advice with your kitchen team.

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Together let’s reduce your kitchen touchpoints

With kitchens required to re-evaluate and modify their working environments, hygiene and safety processes, we want to provide clarity and direction on how you can increase your kitchen hygiene by reducing the spread of pathogens through common kitchen touchpoints.

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Together let’s take the bucket challenge

In the tough world of delivery you need fries that go further and really perform. See how much further you could go using McCain SureCrisp across delivery, takeaway and on-premise channels.

Together let’s package the perfect fry

Building consumer confidence is more important than ever before. We’ve created a safe packaging guide with tips on packaging products for safety and how to help fries stay crispier for longer.

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