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Together Let's

Excite Them

It’s where the magic happens. Exciting your guests with innovative menus is what you do best. We hope our collaborations with flavourologists, street food traders and masters of smoke will inspire you.

In It Together

Take a deep dive into the latest industry insights in our very own E-zine! Keeping you up to date with the most relevant consumer trends, ranging from the current economic outlook to the new developments and openings since the last quarter. Click here to see our insights of what’s hot in out of home.

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Together let’s focus on the future of sides

The growth of more ‘social occasion eating’ and this desire for more exciting dishes reveals the perfect opportunity for operators to future plan their sides menus. 

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Together let's understand the future of flavour

Working with flavourologists ‘Salts of the Earth’ we have created a flavour map that can help bring elements of botanicals, flora and fauna to create high impact dishes to your menu.

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Together let's get filthy -
50 ways to top your fries

Filthy or topped fries are a great way to drive additional revenue and create menu standout using ingredients you already have in the kitchen. We crowdsourced ideas from chefs and street food operators up and down the country to bring you the most innovative and visually impactful recipes.   

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Together let's master the art of beer and food pairings

The growth of craft beer is unstoppable. The trend for matching beer with food is a really exciting result of the craft revolution. McCain have teamed up with the Craft Beer & Cider Association to match our Great British pub dishes with a whole host of beers to help operators create memorable experiences for customers. Discover more and become a bit of a beer expert along the way!

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Together let’s Beermunch

It’s time to join the Beermunch revolution. The explosion of craft beer has created a generation of hopsters who are now diverting their attention to food, declaring time on boring bar snacks, turning their backs on nuts and revolting against the traditional packet of scampi fries! Brilliant bar snacks are more likely to make your drinkers stay longer and spend more too. There is a real commercial benefit in pimping up your snacks menu and Brew City is the one-stop range to help.

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Together let’s get smokey

Billy Smokes was set up by former sustainability consultant Will Griffiths in 2015, after a life-long passion for food and cooking over fire. Will’s background in science fuelled a hunger to learn more about what exactly makes great barbecue, so after a self-enforced barbecue boot camp and an enlightening trip through the southern states of America, Billy Smokes was born.

McCain have teamed up with them to create memorable menu experiences and reveal some top advice when it comes to cooking with fire.

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Together let’s go Stateside

NEW trends are often born in the USA before catching on over here. So what’s next?

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