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Stamp out
Soggy Fries

Over 80% of consumers are likely to order fries in their delivery order* – you need confidence that your fries will remain crispy and hot during the travel from restaurant to home as well as on plate.

McCain SureCrispTM is the game-changing fry that allows you to go further in delivery and on premise without compromise. With our unique clear coating, you can extend your delivery zone with fries that stay crispy for up to 20 minutes in a closed delivery bag**

*Source: Catalyx SureCrisp study – September 2020

**Source: Sensory testing for crispness, Sensory Dimensions – August 2018

See how SO Bar & Eats went further in delivery and said let's Stamp out Soggy Fries with SureCrisp™

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Now is the time to become a delivery pro and do it well. Our guide will give you the insight and information you need to get pro with delivery.

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Getting back to business with Franksters™

We asked Franksters™ to share their insight to getting back to business post lockdown

Experience McCain SureCrisp™ for yourself

McCain SureCrispTM is leading the way in delivery with crispy fries. We took our customers to a live event where they heard how technology is changing the delivery landscape.

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