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Aloo Tikki Bites

Patatas Bravas

Caribbean Jerk Chicken Wedges

Thai Red Potato Curry

Somerset Cheddar cheese and Potato Bonbons

Somerset Smoked Cheddar and Spinach Croquettes

Scottish Salmon Fish Cakes

Mini Cornish Pasties

Unity Diner Dirty Loaded Fries

Unity Diner Tofish & Chips

Fink’s signature loaded Halloumi

Fink’s Signature loaded crispers

Only Jerkin’s Crispers

Nanny Bill’s Aggy Fries

Worcestershire sauce wedges

Veggie Yorkshire Pudding Burritos

Welsh leek, bacon and cheese croquettes

Jerk Chicken Nuggets

Lasagne Burger

Famous Aggy Fries

Loaded Mozzarella Sticks

Chicken Loaded Fries

Masala Fries

Burnt end brisket

Alpine Ski Fries

Vegan Cheese and Gravy Crispers

Hot Buffalo Crispers

Truffle Mayo Fries

Sweet Chilli

Steak and Ale

Katsu Curry Chicken

Slow Cooked Beef Fries

Jerk Chicken

Chipotle Salt beef Loaded Fries

Ox Cheek

Moroccan Chickpeas

Mexican Mushroom

Loaded Poutine

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

Korean Bulgogi

Korean Brisket

Kimchi Fries

Cheese and Mushroom Crispers

Harissa Fried Beetroot

Monterey Jack Skin-On Chips

Pulled Gammon

Bacon Crispers

Chilli Beef

Buffalo Chicken

Japanese Style Crispers

New York Style Crispers

Shredded Beef Yorkshire Pudding Burrito

Cheese and Onion Whirls

Classic Seafood Pie with Original Choice Sauté Potatoes

One Pot Meal BBQ Pork Wedge Bake

One Pot Meal Crunchy Topped Cowboy Pie

One Pot Meal Italian Bean Bake

One Pot Meal Ranch Pie

One Pot Meal Smokey BBQ Casserole

One Pot Meal Vegetable, Pea & Potato Curry

One Pot Meal Sicilian Fish Pie

Chilli & Date Roasted Loin of Pork

Thai green fish curry with lemon grass poached McCain wedges

Moroccan Lamb Tagine

Turkish Lamb Kofte

Cheddar Cheese and Mustard Beignets with baby mixed leaves and a bacon dressing

Pan-fried Spiced Salmon

Chestnut, Leek And Mushroom Tartlets

One Pot Meal Tangy Moroccan Turkey Tagine

One Pot Meal Honey Mustard Chicken

Pan-fried Halibut with Mushy Peas

Creamy Chicken & Mushroom Pie

Barbecue Wrap

One Pot Meal Piri Piri Pork and Potatoes

One Pot Meal Chicken Balti

Lamb Shanks served with Menu Signatures Gourmet Chips

One Pot hero Chilli Wedge Bake

Barbeque ribs

Chicken with Honey-Roasted Pumpkin

Middle Eastern Potato Casserole with Feta

One Pot Meal Moussaka

One Pot Meal Chicken & Vegetable Bake

One Pot Meal Arden Veggie Special

One Pot Meal Competition Winner 2016

Baked Fillet of Herb Crusted Cod

One Pot Meal Mediterranean Fish Pie

One Pot Meal - Chicken Tikka Masala with Bombay Aloo

One Pot Meal - Green Eyed Monster

One Pot Meal - Chicken Bolognese with Potato Cakes

Black Pudding and Poached Egg

Spicy Club Sandwich

One Pot Meal Louisiana Potatoes & Chicken

One Pot Meal Chicken and Beetroot Stew

Gnocchi, Bac and Cheese, 2016 Competition Winner

One Pot Meal Sausage Hot Pot

One Pot Meal Layered Italian Bake

Chocolate Orange Potato Cake

One Pot Meal Fish Finger Pie

One Pot Meal Lamb Keema and Potato Curry

Menu Signatures Skin On Julienne and Messy Burger


Poutine Chips

Sweet & Salty Fries

Trailer Park Grills

Frites Du Provence

Pizza Wedges

Seasoned Menu Signatures Skin On Julienne Recipe

Nacho Wedges

Balsamic marinated fillet steak

Menu Signatures Skin On Julienne and Seasoned Sirloin Steak

Fillet Steak with Red Wine Gravy

Rosemary Salted Fries

Piggin' Chips

One Pot Meal - Chicken & Bacon Pie

Stir Fries

Dog Topped Fries

New Yorker Fries

Double B Fries

Welsh rarebit Croquettes

Scottish Salmon Fish Cakes

Irish Colcannon Potatoes with Bacon and Cabbage

Smokey Joes

McCain Menu Signature Southern Fried Lattice with a Spicy Chicken Wrap

Rosti Croque Monsieur with Original Choice Rosti

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