Gastro Chunky Chips

Unleash your culinary possibilities and elevate your customers dining experience with McCain Menu Signatures Gastro Chunky Chips. Expertly prepared to resemble homemade hand-cut chips and the ultimate alternative to triple cooked fries made from scratch. Impress your discerning customers with their rustic appearance, crisp texture, and mouth-watering taste. McCain Menu Signatures Gastro Chunky Chips elevate your menu and offer a premium quality side dish that sets your establishment apart.

Potato Pops

Menu Signatures Potato Pops, the perfect accompaniment for delectable side snacking. Designed to elevate menus, these perfectly bite sized 100% British potatoes bring added excitement to any meal. With a crispy exterior and seasoned shredded centre, they offer a fun alternative to traditional side dishes. Potato pops can be loaded but are delicious enough to stand alone and are a sure crowd-pleaser for your diners. 

Sweet Potato Fries

Sweet Potato Fries, a signature offering from McCain Menu Signatures. Perfectly crispy and bursting with flavour, these fries are the ideal accompaniment to premium dishes like steak and lamb, elevating your culinary creations to new heights. Whether as a side dish or a delicious alternative to standard fries, they are sure to impress casual dining clientele and drive incremental sales by enticing customers as an irresistible meal upgrade. Elevate your dining experience with this guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

Southern Fried Spicy Wedges

Packed full of flavour, McCain Menu Signatures Southern Fried Spicy Wedges are perfect for a variety of caterers looking to give their menus a delectable edge. Adding taste and texture to every dish these potato wedges are a sure crowd-pleaser and help create memorable menus.

5% Fat Skin-On wedges

McCain Menu Signatures 5% Fat Skin-On Wedges, the ultimate indulgence without the guilt. Only 5% fat when oven baked and skin on for that rustic, homemade feel. Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack to share with friends, a side dish to accompany your favorite meals, or a guilt-free treat, our 5% Fat Skin-on Wedges are the perfect choice. They’re versatile, convenient, and packed with flavor, making them an excellent addition to any menu.

Roast Potatoes

Elevate your menu with McCain Menu Signatures Roasts, the perfect solution for those who value cooking from scratch. Our delectable roast potatoes have been meticulously pre-prepared to save you time and minimise waste, without compromising on taste. Ready for your personal touch, these golden roasts are versatile and customisable, allowing you to showcase your culinary creativity and impress your discerning customers with perfectly cooked, flavoursome roast potatoes that will leave them craving more.

Savoury Herb Dice

Menu Signatures Savoury Herb Dice, a standout addition to McCain Menu Signatures. Designed to elevate menus, these perfectly seasoned 100% British potatoes bring a rustic, homemade charm to any dish. With a crispy exterior and a delicate blend of herbs, they offer a unique alternative to traditional roasts or a delightful accompaniment to fish dishes. These flavorful diced potatoes will captivate your diners, adding a touch of sophistication to your menu.


A classic kids favourite, McCain Smiles® are made with quality mashed potato then shaped into fun smiley faces to create a family friendly meal time favourite. Suitable for a wide range of outlets, Smiles are the perfect accompaniment to kids favourite meals, such as fish fingers or chicken strips, and are the perfect addition to children’s menus.

Sweet Potato Rustics Wedges

Bring an element of gourmet flair to your menu with our Sweet Potato Rustics, a standout offering from McCain Menu Signatures. Made with skin-on sweet potatoes and coated in a delectable crispy batter, these wedges perfectly combine homemade charm with exceptional taste. Elevate your menu with this unique side dish that caters to health-conscious customers seeking indulgent yet wholesome options. With a delightful texture and irresistible flavour McCain Sweet Potato Rustics will leave a lasting impression on your diners.

Crispers Wedges

A twist on classic skin-on potato wedges with a unique cut. Elevate your menu with this innovative side dish that brings a touch of sophistication. Perfectly designed for loading and seasoning, Crispers offer endless creativity and versatility across multiple menu items. Not only do they enhance the dining experience, but they also boast high yield, ensuring a boost to your bottom line. Upgrade your menu with McCain Menu Signatures Crispers and indulge your customers with an unforgettable side dish.