1/4lb Vegetable Burger

1/4lb vegetable burger packed full of wholesome real vegetables and shaped into a burger patty. Delicious meat-free alternative to a traditional burger with the option of flexible cooking. Original Choice Vegetable Burger provides a delectable meal option for plant-based eaters that broadens menu variety whilst remaining cost and time efficient back of house.

Simply Mash

Our Chef Solutions Simply Mash tastes as good as homemade and is ready in half the time. Superior quality potatoes simply washed, peeled, chopped and blanched ready to use in minutes. Easy to cook, saving on time and cost whilst delivering flavour as good as chef made. Simple, quick and easy mash perfect for busy cooks.

Sweet Potato Rustics Wedges

Bring an element of gourmet flair to your menu with our Sweet Potato Rustics, a standout offering from McCain Menu Signatures. Made with skin-on sweet potatoes and coated in a delectable crispy batter, these wedges perfectly combine homemade charm with exceptional taste. Elevate your menu with this unique side dish that caters to health-conscious customers seeking indulgent yet wholesome options. With a delightful texture and irresistible flavour McCain Sweet Potato Rustics will leave a lasting impression on your diners.

Crispers Wedges

A twist on classic skin-on potato wedges with a unique cut. Elevate your menu with this innovative side dish that brings a touch of sophistication. Perfectly designed for loading and seasoning, Crispers offer endless creativity and versatility across multiple menu items. Not only do they enhance the dining experience, but they also boast high yield, ensuring a boost to your bottom line. Upgrade your menu with McCain Menu Signatures Crispers and indulge your customers with an unforgettable side dish.