Medium Cut (7/16) Chips

Made from 100% British potatoes, our Original Choice Medium Cut chips are perfectly golden full of flavour and delicious everytime. Our uncoated chips consistently deliver on taste and quality but also keep back of house processes efficient and cost effective.

Thick Cut (9/16) Chips

Made from 100% British potatoes, our Original Choice Thick Cut chips are packed full of flavour with a crisp golden outer shell and fluffy middle. Suitably paired with traditional main meals, such as steak and classic pies, found on quintessentially British menus. A longer Thick Cut chip for perfect portions providing brilliantly consistent quality to menus.

Roast Potatoes

Original Choice Roasts are consistently crispy and packed full of fluffy British grown potatoes making them the ultimate accompaniment to elevate a traditional roast dinner experience or a special occasion feast. With fast and flexible cooking methods Original Choice Roasts are a dependable kitchen favourite.

Thin Cut Fries (3/8)

Original Choice Thin Cut Fries are crafted from 100% British potatoes for excellent quality. Our Thin Cut Fries cook quickly to deliver the perfect golden crispy outer shell full of fluffy and light potato inside for the perfect chip experience every time. McCain are a back of house favourite as a more cost and time effective solution as well as the perfect companion to an array of mains.

Chippy Chips

Our Original Choice Chippy Chips deliver a genuine and authentic chip shop chip taste. Save time, waste and costs. Aimed to satisfy chefs now with the option to serve chilled with a shelf life of up to 5 days.

Steak Cut Chips

Made from 100% British potatoes, our Original Choice Steak cut chips are thick and full of flavour. The ultimate accompaniment for all steak dishes in quality outlets that want to serve a differentiated chip that also delivers great visual impact.

Saute Potatoes

Evenly sliced and pre-fried potatoes delivering a consistent and tasty experience for your customers. Great for a variety of meal options throughout the day as a side or topping to your favourite dishes.

Multiserve Cheese & Tomato Pizza with Wheatgerm & Fibre

Our multiserve cheese and tomato rectangular shaped pizza has been crafted to deliver a delicious favourite to your menu. With the addition of nutrients such a wheatgerm and fibre our Pizza is simply served as a healthier meal time alternative.

Grande Cheese & Tomato Pizza with Wheatgerm & Fibre

Our Grande Cheese and Tomato Pizza has been crafted specifically to meet the growing demand of healthier options on menus. Our stonebaked base brings the addition of nutrients such a wheatgerm and fibre to deliver a health conscious adaptation of the ever popular cheese and tomato pizza.

1/4lb Vegetable Burger

1/4lb vegetable burger packed full of wholesome real vegetables and shaped into a burger patty. Delicious meat-free alternative to a traditional burger with the option of flexible cooking. Original Choice Vegetable Burger provides a delectable meal option for plant-based eaters that broadens menu variety whilst remaining cost and time efficient back of house.