Medium Cut (7/16) Chips

Made from 100% British potatoes, our Original Choice Medium Cut chips are perfectly golden full of flavour and delicious everytime. Our uncoated chips consistently deliver on taste and quality but also keep back of house processes efficient and cost effective.

Original Choice Hash Browns

Delicious golden brown Hash Brown patties made with potato, simply shredded and seasoned, offering great plate coverage for cooked breakfasts and a filling addition to breakfast sandwiches.

Oven Chips

Our Delicious Oven Chips perfect for chefs looking for a time saving solution and healthy meal option. Cooked in sunflower oil and with 5% fat, Our 100% British potato Oven Chips deliver a meal time favourite without compromising on quality and that simultaneously overcomes menu challenges. Oven chips are the perfect solution for any kitchen.

Thick Cut (9/16) Chips

Made from 100% British potatoes, our Original Choice Thick Cut chips are packed full of flavour with a crisp golden outer shell and fluffy middle. Suitably paired with traditional main meals, such as steak and classic pies, found on quintessentially British menus. A longer Thick Cut chip for perfect portions providing brilliantly consistent quality to menus.

Roast Potatoes

Original Choice Roasts are consistently crispy and packed full of fluffy British grown potatoes making them the ultimate accompaniment to elevate a traditional roast dinner experience or a special occasion feast. With fast and flexible cooking methods Original Choice Roasts are a dependable kitchen favourite.

Thin Cut Fries (3/8)

Original Choice Thin Cut Fries are crafted from 100% British potatoes for excellent quality. Our Thin Cut Fries cook quickly to deliver the perfect golden crispy outer shell full of fluffy and light potato inside for the perfect chip experience every time. McCain are a back of house favourite as a more cost and time effective solution as well as the perfect companion to an array of mains.

Steak Cut Chips

Made from 100% British potatoes, our Original Choice Steak cut chips are thick and full of flavour. The ultimate accompaniment for all steak dishes in quality outlets that want to serve a differentiated chip that also delivers great visual impact.

5% Fat Skin-On wedges

McCain Menu Signatures 5% Fat Skin-On Wedges, the ultimate indulgence without the guilt. Only 5% fat when oven baked and skin on for that rustic, homemade feel. Whether you’re looking for a tasty snack to share with friends, a side dish to accompany your favorite meals, or a guilt-free treat, our 5% Fat Skin-on Wedges are the perfect choice. They’re versatile, convenient, and packed with flavor, making them an excellent addition to any menu.

Roast Potatoes

Elevate your menu with McCain Menu Signatures Roasts, the perfect solution for those who value cooking from scratch. Our delectable roast potatoes have been meticulously pre-prepared to save you time and minimise waste, without compromising on taste. Ready for your personal touch, these golden roasts are versatile and customisable, allowing you to showcase your culinary creativity and impress your discerning customers with perfectly cooked, flavoursome roast potatoes that will leave them craving more.

Multiserve Cheese & Tomato Pizza with Wheatgerm & Fibre

Our multiserve cheese and tomato rectangular shaped pizza has been crafted to deliver a delicious favourite to your menu. With the addition of nutrients such a wheatgerm and fibre our Pizza is simply served as a healthier meal time alternative.